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Mrs. Batter's Blog

Our Christmas Line is Here! YAY!

Is your Spa ready for Christmas? Well, we're here to help. Check out our new line of Christmas spa products and stocking stuffers sure to bring smiles & giggles to your little ones. Stock up now to get holiday ready.  Shop now to start stocking up!

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Get your free copy here of our Holiday Gift Guide to help you choose and display the right goodies! 

Holiday Spa Flavor Menu

Not really sure which flavors to choose? Wanna coordinate your spa packages according to colors? Click here to check out a copy of our Christmas Spa Menu!

New Retail Merch!

We've read your emails and talked with you about your desire to offer "more revenue streams" for your business, so we've created the "Bakery Boutique". It's the place where you can get retail products to sell with YOUR company's logo available. Check it out here

Halloween Spa

Halloween and Fall is upon us and we wanna help get you ready! Get your Ghosts & Goblins ready for the Spa! 

VIDEO - 3 Steps to a Gourmet Mani/Pedi

We've uploaded a new video to our YouTube channel to explain what a Gourmet Mani/Pedi is, and what you'll need to perform one. Check it out here.

Gallons Make it Better!

Buying by the gallon can save you time and money when re-ordering. You're sure to have enough product on hand when you need it, especially when you have parties coming up!

Facial Cream Brush

Check out our new Facial Cream & Mask Brush! It's made of soft, flexible silicone material, that's small in size and easy  to use. Use it with your Yogurt Face Cream, Instant Pudding Mix and more. Great for mixing & applying your products.

Wholesale Spa Kit

Want to try out products in your Spa/Salon, but not really sure yet of what to buy? Our "Try it At My Spa" Kit is your answer. It gives you what you need in one kit! Look for it in our Wholesale Kits & Bundles Dept.

New Bath Bombs!

Have you seen our new Bath Bombs sugar? Well take a look because we’ve added on a whole new line of them. They're made with Evaporated Milk and Coconut Oil for added moisture. Most of these cuties are drizzled in a creamy bath melt topping with sprinkles and all kinds of yummy designs. Charge a little more to drop one in your clients pedicure or sell them in your Spa! You’ll be FAB-U-LOUS with these!  

New Party Favor Size Products

So you’ve been looking for something to throw into your party bags right? Well, we have the solution for that! We’ve added on 2oz sizes to some of our main spa products like: soak, scrub & lotion, body gel & body spray.

Enjoy Schookie,

Mrs. Suga Batter

New Whipped Lip Scrub!

Looking for a way to earn more money in your Spa/Salon? Add on a Lip Scrub treatment to your menu. This scrub has a gentle whip formula and is totally lick-able! Made with Shea Butter for extra moisture and yumminess. 

Take my word for it honey, this one is FAB-licious!

Mrs. Suga Batter

New Sugar Scrub Formula

So as if life couldn’t get any better….. we’ve upgraded the formula for our Sugar Souffle's Scrub to make it softer and lighter to the touch. This new formula now “glides” on super smooth making it easy on younger skin. You’ll love it. Ask for a sample with your next order!  

Tell 'em Mrs. Sugar Batter sent ya!

Bundt Cake Bath Bombs

Bundt Cake Bombs are just too cute for words! They are about 3" wide, made with evaporated milk and coconut oil. Then topped with a dollop of soap and finally drizzled with real sprinkles and cookies. 

Oh yeah, we really bake up bath & spa treats around here honey!


Mrs. Suga Batter 

Cupcake Manicure Bombs!

Mani Bombs are a great way to earn extra money. Charge your clients a little bit more to drop one into their manicure bowl and watch their excitement when they bubble up!

This idea came from Bia the Beignet. You know she's always looking for ways for you guys to make more money in your salon/spa.

Always thinking of you,

Mrs. Suga Batter

Start Me Up Plan!


At My Bath Bakery we Love Start-ups. We Start with you, and stay with you! See a large ticket item you want, but don’t quite have the money yet?
Use our “Start Me Up Plan.” It’s the plan designed to help Start Up Businesses get what they need, by making payments as they go. Send us an email to get more information. 

Yummy wishes,

Mrs. Sugar Batter!

Add-on Page

We're constantly looking for ways for you to make extra money for your Salon/Spa. So our virtual assistant, "Bia The Beignet" suggested we incorporate an "Add-on Page" YAY! Add-on's are basically upcharge items. These are items you can charge anywhere from $3.50 to $ 5.00 per use to add on to your Spa Service. How does it work?:
For example, when you're charging for a mani/pedi, you charge your regular fee then ask your clients if they would like to add on Buttermilk Drops to their bowl. Tell them it'll be squishy fun to play with while they soak. Tell them they're scented and feel amazing (because they actually do). When they say yes, just add on an extra $3.50 per scoop. DONE AND DONE. Thanks Bia for that idea! She's ALWAYS finding ways for you guys to make money! 

Yummy wishes,

Mrs. Suga Batter!

Lip Gloss Sample Kit

Ok, so you're interested in our Lip Gloss Create-a-Station, but you're kinda wondering what the lip loss feels it easy to mix....does it smell just as yummy as it sounds? Well we've got the answers you need! Our Lip Gloss Sample Kit will allow you to have the experience your clients will have when you mix, blend, and whip up a quick batch of gloss that's designed by you. 

Your kit includes: (2) Shea Butter Lip Glosses (Pre-Flavored) (2) Bake Shop Glitters (2) Bake Shop Colorants (2) Mini Spatulas (2) Mini Pipettes Instructions for use 

Visit our wholesale sample department for more info.

TTYL honey,

Mrs. Suga Batter

Product Use Breakdown

Here is a breakdown for the use of Soak & Scrub products: 

*4 oz – Approx. 4 uses 

*8 oz – Approx. 8 uses 

*1 Lb – Wholesale Size approx. 16 uses 

*1 Gallon – Wholesale Size approx. 96 uses) 

Based on 1oz use per client

New 40% Off Rate

Hi Bath Beauties,

Just wanted to let you know that Bia the Beignet had a meeting with Kimberly the owner and asked her to increase the discount rate for ALL Wholesale clients and she agreed! So we are happy to announce that all wholesale clients will now receive 40% off their total Spa Product purchases. YEAH!

Way to go Bia!


Mrs. Suga Batter

New Bath Bomb Flavors

Hey guys check out the new Cookies & Cream flavor Cake Pop Bombs! They're made with real evaporated milk and coconut oil. Dipped into melted cocoa butter and topped with real crushed cookies. YUMMMM!  


Testimonial Stuff

So Sadity Party Boutique, Ohio:

I just had to let you know how well my party went yesterday with the use of your products! It was awesome and the girls loved every minute… especially the scent of cotton candy! Thanks again and you will be hearing from me soon to place another order! Have a blessed day! 

A. Baheti, Maharashtra, India:

I am planning to open a kids spa and salon in Pune, Maharashtra, India. I am so impressed with your products that I will definitely be using them for kids. Can’t wait to start working with you soon. Thank you!