Cookie Crumble Bubble Bath


Say hello to our new “Cookie Crumble Bubble Bath!” This makes taking a bath WAYYYY too much fun!
Made to resemble REAL cookie crumbs, you just scoop some out, drop it in the tub & watch the bubbles baby! Made with Coconut oil and available in the yummy flavors.
Oh did we mention that it comes with pieces of real mini chocolate chips that melt away in the tub?!? OH YEAH BABY!  Just pour some in your bath water and splash around with TONS of bubbles! Get different flavors before they run out!


♥ Made with Coconut Oil.
♥ Packaged in tab-top bags as shown.
♥ Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble is made with real chocolate chips that melt in the water.
♥ Cookies & Cream is made with real Oreo cookie crumbs that melt in the water.

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Quarter Pound Bag, Pound Bag