Truffle Bubble Bars


Now it’s Luxury Tub Time!

Give your bath a treat with these deliciously yummy bath truffles designed to resemble one of your mom’s favorite treats. Just break them apart under warm, running bath water and watch the bubble release. Splish, splash the water around to make even more bubbles. Oh, yeah they’re made with real Shea Butter to be sure you mom won’t try to use them for herself….you know how she LOVES Shea Butter honey!

Who said bubble bars had to come in one shape? This is Bubble Suds with Lots of Love!




♥ How to Use Them:
1. Just break into under running water so it melts & makes bubbles.
2. Agitate the water to fluff up even more bubbles. Add a second one for even more fun!
3. Splish, Splash and enjoy as your tub fills with luscious bubbly fun! Comes in a reusable container with a cute satin bow.
♥ Chocolate Chip Cookie is made with real chocolate chips.
♥ Cookies & Cream is made with crushed cookies.
♥ New Orleans Pralines & Cream is drizzled with Real Cocoa Butter!
♥ But don’t try to bake or eat em though. This is made exclusively for your tub!

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Delish Flavors

New Orleans Pralines & Cream, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Funfetti, Lemon Meringue