Glitzie Frosting Body Lotion


You Glimmer
You Sparkle
You Shine
You Stand Out
Being YOU-nique is who you are so this is perfect lotion for you! Treat your body to some shimmer and shine today using this fluffy, whipped body cream that’s filled with body safe glitter.
Oh yeah, it’s time to bling out baby!!


This product is Party Bag Friendly! It’s the perfect size to drop into your party bags as favors!
♥ This is step 3 in our Gourmet Mani/Pedi…… Step 1 – Soak; Step 2 – Scrub.
♥ Looking for a Product Size Breakdown, visit our Kimberly’s Corner page.

Additional information

Available Sizes

2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, Pound, Gallon

Delish Flavors

Banana Smoothie, Bubblegum, Chocolate Fudge, Cotton Candy, Glazed Doughnuts, Grape Bubblegum, Lemon Cookie, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Buttercream