Monster Scrub


Are there Monsters under your bed?
Well maybe not, but they left something behind for your hands and feet. They wanted you to enjoy this bubbly, ooey, mushy scrub. It comes out as a gooey sludge that also creates lots of bubbles when wet. It’s the perfect spa treatment.
Comes complete with a mini scoop.



♦ Our Scrubs are made with Louisiana Pure Cane Sugar!

♦ This product comes in a standard neon green color shown above with the scent of your choice.

♦ The perfect Spa Treatment is done in 3 steps:
1. A type of Soak
2. A type of Scrub
3. A type of Lotion.

♦ This product is not formulated for use with our Create-a-Stations.

Additional information

Available Sizes

4 oz, 8 oz, Pound, Gallon

Boys Spa Flavors

Blood Orange, Blueberry Bonanza, Chocolate Madness, Cola Chillout, Crazy Banana, Dragon's Blood, Fresh Ground Dirt, Godzilla Grape, Razzy Root Beer


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