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Perfume Parlor


Time to freshen up!

Who wouldn’t LOVE to get dressed for school, put on lip gloss, make sure your nails are done and….. spray on a light perfume! Create your own fragrance with this amazingly fun station where you decide the color and fragrance of your perfume. You can get even more fancy by creating several of them and now you have your own line!
Ok, you’re ready now.



New Logo Option: You can now add your logo to the sign.

Add My Logo to the Sign:
Your logo will be added to the sign ONLY and NOT the Station products (not the Scrubs, Lotions, Perfume Bases, etc.)
My Bath Bakery Logo:
All Station items and the sign will have the My Bath Bakery Logo on them.
Already Paid for Private Labeling:
If you have already paid for Private Labeling, all Station items and the sign will have your Logo on them.

♥ Colors are enhanced and may appear different based on computer monitor screens.
♥ Please email us for more detailed information.
♥ Can’t pay now, apply for our Start-Me-Up Program to make payments as you go.
♥ Create-a-Station Products are excluded from Wholesale discount.
♥ Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of unit.

Additional information

Station Cost

Complete Unit, Supplies Only

Add My Logo to Sign

Add My Logo to Sign, My Bath Bakery Logo, Already paid for Private Labeling