Thanks for all of your support and well wishes ladies! It really means a lot. We are happy to announce that we re-open from Hurricane Ida on November 11th.
Thanks, ya'll. -Kimberly

Private Labels


Creating your own private label products is a proven way to brand your business, generate additional revenue and expand your business into the Billion Dollar skincare world. It is an effective marketing tool for almost any type of business and your private label spa line can be extremely profitable to you. We’ve made it easy by simply choosing from our line of pre-design choices. Just select one when you check out and send us your logo to place on your new label.

If you would like to have a label specially designed for you, just set up a Business Consultation time and we’ll get you going.




♥ Please email us for more information.
♥ It is recommended that you purchase one of each product you intend to order using Private Labeling to determine final printing look prior to ordering in bulk.
♥ If you would like a more cleaner look of just only having your logo on it, just select the “Logo Only” option. 
♥ This cost covers Spa Products. Some exclusions apply.
♥ You may place this item in the Start-Me-Up Plan to make payments if needed. Please fill out the application to apply.
♥ Private Labeling cost is excluded from Wholesale discount.

Additional information

Private Label Selection

Logo ONLY. No design., Candy Dreams, Danity Pink, Danity Purple, Frilly Blue, Mirror, Mirror, My Little Sweetheart, Oh, So Vintage!, Royalty Blue, Royalty Pink, Royalty Purple, Sweetshop!, The Ultimate Sweetshop