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Scratch Off Cards – Spa Designs


Personalized Scratch Off cards are a fabulous way to build your Brand.

Use them as a way to show your clients you love them and have a little fun while doing so.

Our Scratch-Offs come in many designs like:

• Spa Robe
• Spa Bus
• Desserts & Sweets
• Eyelashes
• Hair Bundles
• Candles
• Nail Polish Bottles
• Makeup Palette
and more!

Use them at your next spa party, trade show, popup shop, or just include them with your shipment boxes.

Buy them by the set and stack up.




Scratch offs come in the following sets:
– 1 Set of 30 ct
– 2 Sets of 60 ct
– 3 Sets of 90 ct
– 4 Sets of 120 ct
Each set comes with ONE winning card. If you would like more than one winner, please purchase additional sets.
After you complete your purchase please EMAIL us the following:
1. What you want your winning card to give away. (ex: “$10 off next purchase”)
2. Your logo if you want to have your logo on your cards.
♥ Cards measure approx 3″-4″ tall.

Additional information

Scratch Off Design

Pedicure, Slender Robe Pink, Slender Robe Purple, Slippers, Spa Bus, Spa Robe Fuzzy, Tee Pee

Available Amount

1 Set (30ct), 2 Sets (60ct), 3 Sets (90ct), 4 Sets (120ct)

Scratch Off Color

Gold Scratch Off, Hologram Scratch Off

Logo Selection

Add My Logo, My Bath Bakery Logo