Sugar Scrub Create-a-Station Unit (w/ Bubble Scrub!)


Our Sugar Scrub has taken it to a new level as it BUBBLES! Yup that’s right! Not only is it a scrub with a rich, creamy texture that provides just the right blend of scrub, softness and yummy-licous scents, but it also BUBBLES when added to water. This just couldn’t get much better!
Sugar Scrubs are used to exfoliate, primp and pamper your hands and feet. This Spa Quality product comes with our easy to assemble Create-a-Station that has everything you need to bring the fun!


♥ Please email us for more detailed information.
♥ Mini Signs are 11×14 laminated signs that can sit on a table and can be easily transported for Spa Parties.
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♥ Create-a-Station Products are excluded from Wholesale discount.
♥ Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of unit.

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