The Awards

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The Suga Awards are held semi-annually to acknowledge greatness! They are the top sellers in their category. Winners are voted on by our clients. Eligible products must meet the following criteria to be nominated for an Award:– Product must be a top seller!
– It must have been in the lineup for more than six months.
– It must perform at peak level and do what it says it’s going to do.
– Must be easy to use.
– Fun for kids! 


Products can receive 5 of 5 Sugar Cubes! Those with 5 cubes are performing at their peak performance and are our top sellers. Those with 4 cubes are also fabulous, they just require a little more work to use them. (For example: our Instant Pudding Facial Mix is definitely a top seller, but it requires mixing with water prior to use.) Check out our 5 cube products, but also grab a few of the 4 cubes too. Hey, everybody needs a little love! ♥ 

Sugar Award Winners!

Look for our Top Seller in the "Suga Awards" section of our webstore.

Testimonial Stuff

K. Olechnowicz, Netherlands, Europe:

I am in the process of starting my own spa company for toddlers and kids. I came across your website and it immediately drew my attention. I would like to use your products in my spa as well as selling them to the clients. Also I would be interested in putting your products on European. I am very excited and motivated to get started here in the Netherlands and Europe. 

Sweet Spa, Florida:

I just finished going over your start-up guide I purchased today (How to Start a Mobile Spa Business: Bath Bakery Style) You have definitely helped me with a lot of the questions I had. Although we won’t be mobile, I still found your guide really helpful!!! Thank you so much!!! The only thing I wished you had in there was about staffing, whether they have to be licensed and the best way to pay hosts. That’s one of my biggest questions. Other than that, excellent read. Blessings doll.