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My Bath Bakery is your home for Gourmet Spa Products for Kids! Our product line includes: Sweet Treat Hand Soaps and Bakery Theme Mani/Pedi products. Our products give you what you need to perform a Mani/Pedi treatment in the most delicious ways including Strawberry Shortcake Mani/Pedis, Yummy Yogurt Facials, and more! All of our products are handmade using only the finest quality ingredients. From start to finish, every product is made with natural and mild ingredients, and is:

*95% or More Natural
*Paraben Free
*Gluten Free
* Cruelty-Free

Our Sweet Treat Hand Soaps are made with Shea Butter and the finest ingredients! We also manufacture Spa Products for Wholesale providers and offer private labeling. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale provider please complete the Wholesale Application on our website to receive more information.

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