A little bit about us

My Bath Bakery is your home for Gourmet Spa Products for Kids! Our spa products are handmade using only the finest quality ingredients. From start to finish, every product is made with natural, mild ingredients, and are:  95% or More Natural, Gluten Free, Paraben Free & Cruelty Free! And yes, we …

Whats Up at The Bakery!

Paint Party Canvas

Ready, Set, Paint! We’ve made life so much easier for you to host your next Paint Party for Kids by having “Pre-sketched Canvas Designs!” YEAH These canvases come with the design already sketched on them (some with permanent marker) and all your guests have to do is fill them in …

Christmas Spa is Here!

Our new Christmas Spa Lineup is here! Download your copy of our new 2018 Holiday Gift Guide then get your Kids Spa filled up for the upcoming holiday season ya’ll.

What is a Gourmet Mani/Pedi?

3 Easy Steps to a Gourmet Mani/Pedi!

A Gourmet Spa Mani/Pedi is the most delicious way to be pampered. Enjoy being pampered with products made to resemble your favorite bakery style Sweets, Treats & Candies in 3 easy steps:


Handmade in New Orleans!

All of our Spa Products are Handmade in New Orleans, ya’ll! To show our love, we include a strand of authentic New Orleans Beads with every order no matter what time of year it is honey. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Mobile Spa

Spa parties have become one of the most enjoyable themes ever because they contain all the things girls love the most: Makeup, Nail Polish & time with the BFF’s. Mom’s have always had their chance to be pampered, now kids can too! Visit our Mobile Spa Parties page for more.


To enjoy the Holidays with our families, we will close Sunday, 11/4/18 and return in January, 2019. During that time we will not be returning any emails, phone calls, texts or processing any Wholesale Applications. Thank you guys for an amazingly good year and we're excited about returning in January! Smooches, Kimberly! Dismiss