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A Little Bit About Us

My Bath Bakery is your home for Gourmet Spa Products for Kids! Our spa products are handmade using only the finest quality ingredients. From start to finish, every product is made with natural, mild ingredients, and are:

* 95% or More Natural 

* Gluten Free  

* Paraben Free 

* Cruelty Free 

Yes, we cater to both Retail & Wholesale clients. 

If you'd like us to host your next Spa Party for your little one, just visit our "Mobile Spa Parties" page for more information.

Check out our Mobile Spa Party Packages!

What is a Gourmet Mani/Pedi?

A Gourmet Spa Mani/Pedi is the most delicious way to be pampered. Enjoy being pampered with products made to resemble your favorite bakery style Sweets, Treats & Candies in 3 easy steps:  

Gourmet Mani/Pedi

Step 1:

Add your Flavor:

Add a type of Mani/Pedi Soak to your bowl/basin. (Liquid, Cream or Powder). 

Step 2:

Add your Topping:

Follow-up with a type of delicious Sugar Souffle' Scrub

Step 3:

Add your Icing: 

Finish up with your Marshmallow Cream Lotion. Done!

What's Up at the Bakery!

Contest Giveaway - WINNERS!!!

It was so hard to chose just one because many of you did such a PHENOMENAL job with this contest so we chose 3 WINNERS YEAH!!!

Congraulations to:

1. F.L.Y. Girls Mobile Beauty 

- Winner of a Lip Gloss Create-a-Station

2. Elegance of Perfection

- Winner of a Lip Gloss Create-a-Station

3. Fish Adventure Blog:

- Winner of a $100 Gift Certificate to our Webstore.

You guys were all so AMAZING!!! Get ready to receive your new Lip Gloss Stations soon. Thanks everyone! More giveaways coming soon. Follow us on Instagram @MyBathBakery to stay informed!

New Formulas

We've made some changes with the following formulas:

1. Cookie Dough Bubble Bars - Now even softer to break under running water in your tub.

2. Station Sugar Scrub - Now comes in a whipped formula that's soft to the touch.                                

Testimonial Stuff

Dawn P, Oakland, California:

“I have been stalking your Instagram LOL waiting for my baby's next birthday to have a spa party (for over a year). My girl is super excited about the party.” (Later Follow-up): The girls loooooove everything they raved about the products and how good they smelled. Even the parents talked about how good the room smelled because of the products. Thanks again for everything. It was better than I imagined….. stay dry down there in NOLA and many blessings.” 

Lovelle, United Kingdom

"The products are great! Everyone who has seen them loves them! The scents are so authentic."        

Andira, Texas:

"Awesome! Your products are great and my 6 year old daughter loves the New Orleans beads you sent in our first package she wears them all the time. Have a great weekend."   

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