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A Spoonful of info…

Welcome to My Bath Bakery, your delightful destination for Gourmet Spa Products crafted especially for kids! We whip up our spa goodies with a spoonful of love and the finest natural ingredients. Each product from our kitchen is lovingly handmade, ensuring they’re gentle on the skin and as natural as …

Whats Up at The Bakery!

Tips From the Tub

Dive in as we reveal the sweetest secrets for making every spa guest’s experience delightful! From exciting DIY spa activities perfect for little hands to glittering party ideas that sparkle, we’ve got all the tools you knead to sprinkle fun and success into your kid spa or salon business. Craving …

My Bath Bakery Academy

Whether it’s a live class or a replay we teach you the tools you need to make your brand grow. Visit the “Library Campus” link to download a wealth of Books, Journals, Forms, Pre-made Kid Spa Packages, and more. Also, Check out our class replays & tutorials. Check out all …

What is a Gourmet Mani/Pedi?

3 Easy Steps to a Gourmet Mani/Pedi!

A Gourmet Spa Mani/Pedi is the most delicious way to be pampered. Enjoy being pampered with products made to resemble your favorite bakery style Sweets, Treats & Candies in 3 easy steps:


Need a Brand Makeover? Let’s Put Frosting on It!

Think of us as the fairy spa bakers for your brand! We don’t just create spa products; we sprinkle our sugar on your entire business. Whether it’s Spa Business Coaching, Website Design, or a Logo that really ices the cake, we’ve got you covered. 

Handmade in New Orleans!

Jazzed Up with Love in New Orleans! Our sugar scrubs sing with the sweetness of Louisiana pure cane sugar, crafted right in the heart of New Orleans. Each scrub is mixed to the rhythm of our local jazz, blending sweet melodies with gentle exfoliation. Treat your skin to the symphony.

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