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A little bit about us

My Bath Bakery is your home for Gourmet Spa Products for Kids! Our spa products are handmade using only the finest quality ingredients. From start to finish, every product is made with natural, mild ingredients, and are:  95% or More Natural, Gluten Free, Paraben Free & Cruelty Free! And yes, we …

Whats Up at The Bakery!

DIY Products

Our DIY line is for all of you “DIY’ers” who want to create your own line of Spa Products. Our bases come unscented, uncolored, and ready for you to add your own pizzazz you want to create your own line. Color it. Scent it. Package it. Sell it!

Class Replays

Whether it’s a live class or a replay we teach you the tools you need to make your brand grow. Check out our class replays at MyBathBakeryAcademy.com.

What is a Gourmet Mani/Pedi?

3 Easy Steps to a Gourmet Mani/Pedi!

A Gourmet Spa Mani/Pedi is the most delicious way to be pampered. Enjoy being pampered with products made to resemble your favorite bakery style Sweets, Treats & Candies in 3 easy steps:


Handmade in New Orleans!

All of our Spa Products are Handmade in New Orleans, ya’ll! To show our love, we include a strand of authentic New Orleans Beads with every order no matter what time of year it is honey. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

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