Review Treats

Here's a little bit of what our clients are saying about us!

So It's A Party, Alabama:

We had a “wonderful” weekend with the Cookie Soap Station! The kids loved it! (A few of them wanted to know if they were real cookies.) LOL! They said I wish this was real. Can we make more tomorrow? They were amazed!

Star's Glam Mobile Spa, Florida:

Mind-blowing! We love everything! The new website, new logo, new branding & marketing materials. I’m amazed.

Girly Girl Blvd, North Carolina:

First of all I want to thank Ms. Kimberly for telling me “Slow down and take baby steps. We’re not gonna rush anything! I needed to hear allll of that! Thank you so much for redirecting me and leading me down the right path. The coaching session this evening dropping those jewels and also connecting me to the other spa girls. I am grateful to have stalked down all your pages! YLOL! Yes, all even your Etsy shop. So excited to follow your lead!

Posh Girlz Palace, Maryland:

I am so emotional right now!! I have no words and I’m trying to breathe! OMG!! (New Website)

MXA Kid Spa, Virgina:

We cannot thank you enough for what you did for our logo! Everyone loves it.

Princess Royal Me, Florida:

OMG!! I love our new website! It’s so eye-catching and I love how organized it it. Great job!

Sweet Spa, Florida:

I just finished going over your start-up guide I purchased today (How to Start a Mobile Spa Business: Bath Bakery Style) You have definitely helped me with a lot of the questions I had. Although we won’t be mobile, I still found your guide really helpful!!! Thank you so much!!! The only thing I wished you had in there was about staffing, whether they have to be licensed and the best way to pay hosts. That’s one of my biggest questions. Other than that, excellent read. Blessings doll.

Dawn P, Oakland, California:

“I have been stalking your Instagram LOL waiting for my baby’s next birthday to have a spa party (for over a year). My girl is super excited about the party.”
(Later Follow-up):
The girls loooooove everything they raved about the products and how good they smelled. Even the parents talked about how good the room smelled because of the products. Thanks again for everything. It was better than I imagined….. stay dry down there in NOLA and many blessings.”

K. Matsheka, South Africa:

I actually haven’t stopped looking at your website. I want to order EVERYTHING LOL! I think you guys have such awesome products! There isn’t anything like your products in South Africa and I truly believe your products would do very well here. I am interested in partnering with you to bring them here (and ultimately the rest of the continent…I can dream right?). I will order products for my mobile spa.

Little Divas Spa, New York:

RE: Yummy Yogurt Face Cream: Product smells fabulous – Got the Strawberry and Vanilla one – Vanilla one smells just like Vanilla Frosting!!! Packaging is amazing!

L. Modikele, Botswana South Africa:

I love your products and services because it accommodates boys too. Can I please know if I can buy products from you for my kids spa salon that I’m opening soon. Thank you, Good day.

Erin S., Michigan:

Good morning!!! I just wanted to let you know that my daughter is in LOVE with your products!!! She was SO excited when she opened them, and the additional treats you sent…. I’m pretty sure she felt like the most special kid around…. so thank you, THANK YOU!! She pretty much begs me to take a bath so she can use all of her ‘special fun bakery bath treats’. Again, what you did was amazing… thank you SO very much!! We will definitely be ordering from you for years to come!! 🙂 (And I guarantee for her birthday parties to come). Thanks so much!!!

K. Olechnowicz, Netherlands, Europe:

I am in the process of starting my own spa company for toddlers and kids. I came across your website and it immediately drew my attention. I would like to use your products in my spa as well as selling them to the clients. Also I would be interested in putting your products on European. I am very excited and motivated to get started here in the Netherlands and Europe.

Andira, Texas:

“Awesome! Your products are great and my 6 year old daughter loves the New Orleans beads you sent in our first package she wears them all the time. Have a great weekend.”

Jennifer, Spa Fly Orlando:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love your products…so happy you are back. You are even better than ever…never thought that was possible.

Stephanie, Mississippi:

Thank You so much Ms. Kimberly!!! I LOVE the book!! I think it is amazing!!! I’m learning a lot!! I think I will be satisfied with your products as well!! My first party is in December and I’m excited!! Thanks once again, looking forward to ordering your products!!

Fly Girl Mobile Beauty, Connecticut:

Your products smell AMAZING! I can’t wait to try them out on my girls!

Erin S. Wisconsin:

Good afternoon!! You may not remember me…. I ordered some bath products for my now 6 year old last year about this time…. I just came across a letter you had sent that was personalized for us-she was having a hard time with being bullied at school. I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for that wonderful letter and the extra goodies you sent to her. She loved her bath products-and the experience you provided is one that sticks out to me a year later, and I needed to let you know that! 🙂 I am a firm believer that people don’t take the time to send notes of appreciation, instead usually the only time someone reaches out is if they want to complain or had a poor experience. So thank you so much again, you are appreciated!! ❤

People should know about the excellent customer service you provide! Thanks so much again for thinking about us… it is appreciated!!
Take Care,

A Private Label Client, Alabama:

Our kids love your products. They love the Scrub Stations and the variety of flavors. We’ll be ordering more stations soon!

Trixie Cuts for Kids, Connecticut:

YAY! I’m so excited about these products! Thank you so much!

Erica H:

I am very interested in opening a kid’s only spa and salon. There’s nothing like it in my area. I’m so impressed with your services and products that I will definitely be using you for ordering my products. Thank you for making safe products that our children can enjoy. I have a 13 yr. & 9yr son. They are so excited about your products for boys. They both love this idea and can’t wait to try it. I will be stocking my spa for kids with these awesome and very safe products. It’s great that boys can have a spa experience that is created just for them. Great work you guys!!!!!