Sugar Cookie Create-a-Station Unit


OK so grab a cookie, spread on some frosting, add sprinkles, sugars and wash!
That’s what kids can do when they use this station! YAY! Our Sugar Cookie Station is designed for children to make and design their OWN Cookie handsoap the way they want to. They can even make Monogram soap designs using the Writer Icing to draw their name or initials on their soap.
Now, this is just too cute!


PLEASE NOTE: Our Stations now come in various design choices! Photo shows the previous design.
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♥ Create-a-Station Products are excluded from Wholesale discount.
♥ Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of unit. 

CLOSEOUT NOTE: We have a limited number of the Clear Acrylic base units left. We no longer carry this unit design. There are a limited number of these available. Once they are gone we will not restock this base design. Tkx!

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Unit Designs

Frosted Strawberry, Frosted Vanilla, Frosted Chocolate, Clear Acrylic, Birthday Sprinkles, Gold Glimmer, Strawberry Pink


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