Whipped Cream Cleanser



Cloud-like Texture: Say goodbye to boring old cleansers! Our Whipped Cream Cleanser is so light and airy, it feels like applying a dollop of heaven to your skin. Trust us, your body will thank you.

💧 Gentle Goodness: Don’t let the whimsical appearance fool you – this cleanser means business! Packed with gentle ingredients, it whisks away dirt and grime without stripping your skin. It’s like magic in a foam dispenser!

💫 Foamy Fun: Pump, pump, hooray! Our Whipped Cream Cleanser comes in a magical foam dispenser, so you can lather up like a wizard brewing potions. Abracadabra, clean skin!

Transform your skincare routine into a whimsical wonderland with our Whipped Cream Cleanser. It’s not just a cleanser – it’s a frothy, foamy, fabulous adventure for your body! Get ready to glow like never before. You’re welcome!



♥ Whipped Cream Soap.

🌸 Scent-sational Experience: Prepare to be whisked away to a fragrant wonderland with every pump. Our signature Whipped Cream Scent will make you feel like you’re frolicking through fields of freshly whipped cream. Sweet dreams are made of this!

🌿 Vegan and Kind to Fluffy Animals: We’re serious about being kind – to your skin and the planet! Our Whipped Cream Cleanser is vegan and cruelty-free, so you can pamper yourself guilt-free while saving the fluffy bunnies.

♥ Not a facial cleanser.

♥ Gallon is a refill sold in a gallon jug container.

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