Swag Bag Station

Ever wanted to let kids make their own party bags? Well…… we’ve gotta talk because this is the answer you’ve been needing. This Station lets kids easily make their own party bags right on the spot! Get your Swag On!



Hi Sweeties!

I’m Kimberly and I’m the lead baker here at the shop. I’m here to guide you in getting what you need from the Bakery in the easiest way possible. My friends are also here to help out when you need them. Our job is to help make your shopping trip as easy as chocolate whipped cream pie!

Squeekie D. Bubbly

Designed to make you clean and fresh, I am the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bubbly. I have a ton of brothers and sisters in all shapes and sizes. My favorite play date is when I meet up with my friend Luke Warm. The two of us together are sure to bring freshness and fun to tub time!