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♥ Do You Offer Wholesale?

Yes! Just keep reading this page to find out more. Then fill out the Wholesale Application at the bottom of this page to get going!   

♥ Where Do I Start?

So you’ve just arrived and you’re trying to figure out just how to get started with using or selecting our products right? Well, we’ve made it as easy as pie for you! Get your copy of our ebook "3 Steps for Getting Started with Our Products" located in our Edu-BAKE-tion Department here. It’ll make life wonderful for you. Oh yeah, it’s free (free is ALWAYS in the budget).  

More Wholesale Stuff

♥ Do You Offer Sugar Scrub Stations?

Oh honey yes! We offer a variety of stations for your Salon/Spa. They come with a variety of flavors so you can mix and match them up for your client. They start at around $300 and they also have the yummiest Holiday Flavors ever! Visit our Create-a-Station Department to learn more. 

♥ Do You Offer Private Labeling?

Oh you are so smart! But I guess by now you know the answer to that question huh…. YEP!  

If you are starting your own line of products you now have options in labeling. You have the option of having your products sent to you in several different ways:

  • My Bath Bakery Labels   
  • No Labels   
  • Generic Labels 
  • Private Labels 
  • Please send us an email to obtain more information. 

♥ How to Make a Spa Menu?

Ok so you want to know how to create your own menu for your Salon/Spa right? Yep, we can help with that! Just sign up to receive a Consult with Kimberly and she'll personally help you get started with all of that. Visit our Wholesale & Edu-BAKE-tion Departments here to sign up.

♥ How Can I Make More Money Selling These Products?

As you may know, Bia The Beignet is our Virtual Baking Assistant who is ALWAYS figuring out more ways for you to earn money for your business. Bia has come up with “Add-On's” where she has items you can use as upcharges on your sale. Oh, and say hi to Bia while you’re there! 

♥ Do You Design Logos & Websites?

YES!! We have great designers and would love to work with you to design just the right logo and/or website for you. 

♥ Do You Offer Dropshipping?

We are happy to offer Dropshipping for our Wholesale Clients. It’s an easy way to order for your clients and have us to ship directly to them. Email us to get more information. 

Wholesale Application

Wholesale Qualifications

In order to be considered for approval the following criteria must be met: 

1. You must have a valid and verifiable Tax Id Number 

2. A copy of your Tax EIN Paper. 

3. You must have one or more of the following: 

  • Company Website 
  • Business Blog
  • Business Social Media Page or Pages.

Please complete the Wholesale Application and submit online. We'll send you more information to get you started.   

Your Information

Can't wait to hear from you Sugar!

Have questions about Wholesale? Please read our FAQ to get more information on Wholesale prior to completing the application. It’ll really help you out.

Thanks Sweetie!